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PUBG is the game that started it all. While the battle royale genre has existed for a while now, it's been made popular by this fantastic game. Grab a frying pan, scout for a gun, and get a mate – you won't be surviving this for long if you're not careful.

PUBG is the ultimate merger of gathering supplies, tactical thinking, and a battle of bullets – as 100 different players come into the map, but the only one can come out. If you do manage to be the last man standing in PUBG, you're entitled to a particular feathery feast.

PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS was the best selling premium game in 2017, and it's numbers continue to rage on as the community becomes even more enchanted with the action-packed gameplay.

The game is also receiving continual support from the developers in the form of new seasons. New seasons add more content into the game, giving it fantastic replay value. If you want to make sure that you stand out among the crowd, you might want to invest in a slick-looking outfit.

But, this is wholly optional. PUBG isn't a pay to win the game, and paying for skins won't get you any skill – only practice and persistence.

The best way to get some in-game currency is through the gift card system – which allows you to purchase a myriad of accessories and fun skins. The best way to win is simple – all you need to do is get good.


The Taliban bans the video game PUBG for being "too violent"


The Taliban bans the video game PUBG for being "too violent"

When someone is oblivious, it can manifest as either a cute character defect or an annoying one. We're all capable of missing the forest for the trees now and then, but if the end result is harmless, we generally classify it as an endearing trait. — Read the rest

Tencent Cracks Down on PUBG Cheaters


Tencent Cracks Down on PUBG Cheaters

Tencent comes up with a new way to slow down cheaters. The post Tencent Cracks Down on PUBG Cheaters first appeared on Phandroid.

PUBG Mobile Announces New Fog Of War Anti-Cheat System With Live Action Trailer


PUBG Mobile Announces New Fog Of War Anti-Cheat System With Live Action Trailer

PUBG Mobile has announced its new anti-cheat system, Fog of War. This new system will combat cheaters using wallhacks, and it has already seen a 50% decrease in cheating during its testing phase. The newly placed system limits the information a player receives in-game to reduce their field of view to see through walls or other objects. It works by scanning all of the builds and terrains on the map, and by doing so, it can determine what the player sees. In addition to controlling what the player sees, it'll also send information back to the servers to the players blocking them from seeing through walls.Fog of War was initially rolled with selected groups on specific maps. During its rollout, there was a 62% drop rate of cheaters in certain regions.Continue Reading at GameSpot